Fashion as art

People can think about fashion as a boring way to standardize everyone. And it can be, if people just follow trends or brands that are on top at the moment without think about themselves. What they like, what good look on them, what matches their lifestyle. Whatever. Fashion is suppose to be a statement.

It’s about being creative. Since the designers who create new trends to the the ordinary people who decides how to wear it or not. It’s like a game about mixing it all. And sometimes in a paradoxical way. Putting on that formal fabric in a casual outfit. A modern garment with a vintage one.

The “artists” who create fashion can also be inspired by the ordinary people, the street style and sometimes by art. They bring back something that was considered “over” to be used again in a cool way. They make unlikely combinations. In each period of the history there are different statements being made. Each brand has something to say. And each person has free will.

That’s what makes fashion create value. It’s about identification. You can recognize cultural values in fast fashions, designer showrooms and thrift stores. And you can also use all of them together – what we call high-low style.. The it bag with an old t-shirt. The expensive shoe with that sale denim. Gold, silver and cheap jewelry. A top brand lipstick with the mascara from the pharmacy. The last season dress with the must have shoe of the moment. That handmade sweater with the designer jacket. Antagonistic combinations that reveal personality and style!

Fashion goes beyond tags, fabrics and the way it’s made. You can see what a garment says about that period of time, about who wears it. It creates exclusivity, status, identity and statements. Fashion is present in our day-to-day life.


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