My dear baby bump

I know some women don’t like to be pregnant. Of course, there is a lot of odds. Specially on the end. I had bad backaches, leg cramps, stretch marks, fadigue. And got really big! But now, 7 weeks after baby, I’m already missing my pregnant belly. You know why? Because, when you’re pregnant, it’s all about you.

People stop you to ask your due date. They bring you food. They say you need to rest. They do certain things for you like carrying shopping bags. They say you look good. And actually, at some point before the end, we do look good! The second trimester bring us some energy and a good looking appearance. My hair and my finger nails were nicer. And that cute round belly showing up was fun!! You get spoiled, and you get used to it.

And, of course, besides all of that, it’s so much easier to take care of your baby inside you. He never cries. He is never hungry, hot, cold or in pain. And when he moves, oh, when he moves, it’s the best feeling in the world!! Knowing what’s happening inside you, all the wonderful changes to make a human being, that’s crazy and exciting!! Not mentioning the feeling of never being alone. Always having your little one with you protected and hearing you. You get used to talk to him. A few days after delivery, I caught myself several times talking to my belly as my baby was still there.

Being pregnant for me is a very special moment. My dear baby bump, I miss you!


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