Is this your first baby?

When I was pregnant everyone kept asking: “Is this your first?”. And after I said yes, they would say “Awww”. I thought that meant “how cute!”. But now I know. It actually meant “Poor girl, doesn’t know half of what it’s coming”. And that was true.

I know every mom, baby and pregnancy are different. But there is no possible way to be ready. The first days, weeks and months were insanely hard for me. I even kept asking my self: why people do it again after the first? Now – 9 months later – I look clear to the past and I would do it all over and over again. But still, it was tough!

I was ready for hard days. But the things that I thought would be hard weren’t so much. And I was surprised by things I wasn’t expecting to be hard. And at the same time, the love I thought I would feel when I look at him for the first time wasn’t like an explosion. It was like a seed that started growing exponentially. And it just doesn’t stop, even though I feel like it’s impossible to grow more.


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