You may never be yourself again

Some woman may face all consequences, others only some of them. But the truth is: becoming a mom ain’t easy.

You may gain a lot of weight. You may get stretch marks on your belly, breasts, hips, legs. You may lose your waist. You may get back problems. Your sciatica may get painful during and after pregnancy. You may suffer to breastfeed and have cracked nipples. Or engorged breasts. Mastitis. Inverted nipples. Or not have enough milk.

You may go through the baby blues. You may be sleep deprived for a couple of days, weeks or for some of us – for months. Then when baby finally can sleep more uninterrupted time, you may have insomnia. You may have postpartum depression (which is a biological risk and really possible in this scenario). You may feel cranky. Inexplicably exhaustion. Fatigue. No energy at all.

You may get a flabby belly. Droopy breasts. A scar you didn’t want. Lost of libido. Aches. Skin problems due hormones. You may be swollen for a long time after baby arrives. You may even increase your shoe size forever. Your back may still hurt for a few months after delivery.

You may never have your body before pregnancy, even if you lose weight. Or maybe you will loose so much that you’ll need to get on a diet to gain weight (this one will never be my case). You may go through something that is not listed here.

Some consequences last for a limited time or for a long time after pregnancy. Or they may become your eternal reminding that you made a human being! And that’s the most special mission ever!

Nothing can be so damn hard and awesome at the same time like is to be a mom!

TELL ME: For those who are already mommies, what have you been through? My consequences are below on the comments.


One thought on “You may never be yourself again

  1. I gained weight that I’m still trying to lose after 10 months. I have stretch marks all over my belly, hips and legs. At least none on my breasts and I got my waist back. My sciatica was hurting from the end of second trimester till months after delivery. Back pain for about 5 months postpartum. But my breastfeeding journey was ok and it just hurted a little on the first days. Still breastfeeding. I had intense baby blues even though I had help from my husband and parents in law to take care of the baby. I just felt exhausted and had the feeling my life was over (I wrote about it here). My baby started to sleep 4-5 hours about 5 months and just slept the whole night at almost 9 months. But he is still waking up in the middle of the night sometimes. I chose to be a stay at home mom, but sometimes the routine makes me tired. I feel like I never have time for myself. I had a C-section. My recovery was totally fine. But now I have a scar I didn’t want to. Flabby belly – that I hope lose soon. Droopy breasts (and I think it will be worse once I stop breastfeeding). I also have a lot of acne problems due to hormones and I can’t do much about it while I’m breastfeeding. My shoe size changed from 6,5 to 7 or 7,5. And that’s it, I think. The price I payed to be a mommy. And I’m so happy!


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