Sizing revolution

Ever since prêt-à-porter aka ready-to-wear clothes market became a thing, sizing has always been a challenge for designers and factories. After all, people come in different shapes and proportions – even the ones wearing the same size.

Of course, every time a standard is created, not everyone is included in it. As a capitalist world, brands choose to sell to majority. And sometimes they create their own sizing standard, making really hard to someone really know what is its universal size.

But recently the minority is talking. Because of social media and the body positivism thoughts being spread, everyone wants to be represented. Everyone wants to be able to go to the store and find a trendy and modern garment to wear.

I am part of the minority. Specially after having a baby, my hips are wider than ever. I am not exactly plus size, but not all of the regular sizes fit me well. It’s hard to find a cool dress and nearly impossible to find a romper.

On the picture I’m wearing a large Michael Kors dress which was too large on the top (I fitted to look cool for this Instagram post). But the medium I tried on before wouldn’t pass on my hips. I never know which size bring to the dressing room since recently I have got medium, large and extra large dresses. Sometimes even XL can’t fit my hips.

Brands seems to think if you are over size 10, you don’t wanna wear trend stuff or mini dresses and they ended up loosing a potential profit. Sizing is a big decision for designers just as designing and pricing the collection. They gotta keep that in mind!


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