Sizing revolution

Ever since prêt-à-porter aka ready-to-wear clothes market became a thing, sizing has always been a challenge for designers and factories. After all, people come in different shapes and proportions – even the ones wearing the same size.

Of course, every time a standard is created, not everyone is included in it. As a capitalist world, brands choose to sell to majority. And sometimes they create their own sizing standard, making really hard to someone really know what is its universal size.

But recently the minority is talking. Because of social media and the body positivism thoughts being spread, everyone wants to be represented. Everyone wants to be able to go to the store and find a trendy and modern garment to wear.

I am part of the minority. Specially after having a baby, my hips are wider than ever. I am not exactly plus size, but not all of the regular sizes fit me well. It’s hard to find a cool dress and nearly impossible to find a romper.

On the picture I’m wearing a large Michael Kors dress which was too large on the top (I fitted to look cool for this Instagram post). But the medium I tried on before wouldn’t pass on my hips. I never know which size bring to the dressing room since recently I have got medium, large and extra large dresses. Sometimes even XL can’t fit my hips.

Brands seems to think if you are over size 10, you don’t wanna wear trend stuff or mini dresses and they ended up loosing a potential profit. Sizing is a big decision for designers just as designing and pricing the collection. They gotta keep that in mind!


Flowy dress plus denim jacket

What I love about Fashion is FREEDOM. There is always someone asking “can I use this with that?”, but there is no CAN’T in Fashion. Probably there is some inadequate outfits for certain occasions and more flattering options depending on your body type. Besides that, there is no forbiddance.

In fact, one of my favorites combinations are the ones that go in different directions. Like this cute and flowy dress. A delicate print in shades of pink and blue. Small accessories. Going in a chic direction. Then I add the denim jacket bringing to the outfit a sporty and casual touch which I love!

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Life after baby

First nights with baby at home I realize I wouldn’t have any control of my time anymore. Little guy was waking up to nurse every 2 hours. Each nursing session could last from 20 minutes to more than an hour. He would only sleep on the breast. That’s when I realize how much I would miss a good night sleep!

I was never a person who likes to sleep until late in the morning. Even on holidays I was awake by 9am. There was a time on my life that I would wake up at 5am to workout before going to work. I would feel so bad and like I wasted my time if I woke up after 10 am. Now, all I wanted was a whole week or month sleeping till 11am. Or just watching Netflix.

Baby wouldn’t sleep through the night till 9 months. During the day was hard to follow the rule “Sleep when he sleeps” once you have to eat, take a shower, pee, read e-mails, pay bills, cook, clean the house, work, do laundry and a hundred of other things and before you know he is up again.

And still now he wakes up around 5am hungry and with so much energy. He wants to jump around, play under the blanket and be tickled. I wake up like a zombie and by the time I nurse him, play a little then make breakfast and feed him, he is ready for his first nap of the day and I’m too awake to go back to sleep.

Going out of the house includes a big list of things to bring and do before leaving. I can say I spend more time getting ready for a walk than really walking, specially when it’s winter. And you can never be ready for everything that can happen: from poop explosions at a restaurant to throwing up in the car two times in a day – leaving you without extra clothes.

I wouldn’t say I would sleep until late without him. Or I would go out for walkings more often. The thing that changes when you have a kid is CONTROL. You have any! I miss being able to choose when to wake up. I miss getting out of the house anytime I want. Or just being able to do nothing. However, don’t get me wrong, those laughings and snuggles make it all worthy. It’s not a cliche. Life is much more fulfilling and rewarding than when you don’t have a human being to take care and love forever! 

Why I love shirt dresses

I love how versatile, convenient and stylish shirt dresses are. Versatile because you can use it buttoned, unbuttoned like a kimono or cover up or even buttoned all the way up. Convenient because it’s easy to put it on and it’s a one piece outfit. And stylish depends on your creativity.  This Free People one is so cute and comfy and it just looks awesome with these tights and booties, doesn’t it?

And for all breastfeeding mamas right there, this kind of shirt dress is also a great alternative in nursing clothes – I love when we can wear something that we feel more like a woman not only a mom (this is a topic for another post).


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Boho third piece

I always say how much I like to add a third piece to my outfits. That’s why I love spring and fall. Summer is too hot for that. And winter is too cold that we end up covering our third pieces with a forth one.

For this outfit, I chose a Free People boho kimono with fluttering sleeves. The colors are discreet but the details make the garment not so basic. It certainly add more style to any outfit.


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Magic Tears

These last couple of days, my baby has been so needy and he is learning to cry out loud when he wants mommy, daddy, an specific toy or go somewhere we said “no”. May be separation anxiety or slyness or a little bit of both.

Today he is turning 11 months. I just put him down for his first nap of the day and after about 30 minutes he woke up crying. So I went there and holded him until he fell asleep again.

When he finally closed his eyes and went to a deep sleep state, I caught myself looking at him and thanking God for such a perfect baby. I prayed for him to be always healthy and never need any life threatening surgery in his life again. I prayed for me to be a good mother. And everyone around him to be good too: good father, good grandparents, good godparents, good cousins, good uncles, good friends.

But at the same time I asked God to help me to teach him how to deal with frustration. I don’t want to spoil him – too much. And raise him inside of a bubble making him unprepared for adult life where everyone isn’t good. And I also prayed for him to be a good person. Someone who knows how to respect others. To be kind, strong, smart and sweet, all at the same time.

Then I realize my eyes were full of tears. Tears of joy, tears of faith, tears of hope, tears of love. I let them come down. And I felt a happiness. He brought me fulfillment. And I feel it every time I look at him or even think about him. And that’s motherhood, it’s about giving up things but also about having a purpose. Those magic tears made me remember it.

When I became a Mom

Even if you have been waiting for something your whole life, it doesn’t mean you are gonna be ready when it happens. I’m talking about when you become a mother. And when I say “become a mother” I mean the journey that starts when you find out that there is a baby on the way.

I feel a mom since that moment. A Sunday morning in August, when I got the test that I’ve bought weeks before at the Dollar Store just because, I don’t know, actually. I was feeling different in some way, but I thought would be another negative one. So many years having PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) has made me think I was pregnant a lot of times. And I wasn’t. But this time, before the 3 minutes was done, I took a look and for my surprise, it was already saying that I was pregnant. I almost fell off in the toilet. I couldn’t believe it, and I don’t even know how to explain for myself everything that I thought in that moment. The first reaction was shock and the second, believe me, was recording a video for the baby of me going to tell dad what just has happened.

Looks like I was ready because I had the reaction of recording that moment. But no. That’s just something that I’ve been doing since a long time ago. Recording videos to my children. I just want them to know who I was before be their mother. Before the boring and bad person that says “no” sometimes. I want to be a kind of mom that they trust, they see as a friend, but  at the same time teach them to be good, to have boundaries, to change the world.

See. That’s why I consider myself a mom since that moment. Because that kind of concern about what kind of mom I wanna be and what kind of people my children will be, it looked like something so far in the future. And in just 3 minutes it became REAL. In less than a year my life would change FOREVER. That’s for sure. These thoughts about everything get stuck in our minds in a way we can’t predict. Before, it was just a speculation, an assumption. Now it’s happening.


Are you ready to be a parent?

After becoming a Mom I realize that there is no such thing as being ready for it. I knew it would be hard. But it is harder than I thought. And there is a rewarding feeling that makes the burden feeling go away. It’s the biggest paradox I have ever felt in my life!

It may be different in each case. Some babies cry more than others, sleep more, have no colics, feed faster, wait more between the feedings. But every mom/dad has her/his own challenges. And even though it sounds cliche to say, I gotta say: I would do it all over again!

So the thing is, you can’t be really ready for all of that. However, when you decide to be a parent, even if it wasn’t planned, you will be ready on the way. You will figure out what’s best for your family as you go. You will make mistakes, then you’ll learn from them.  All you need is patient and love!


You may never be yourself again

Some woman may face all consequences, others only some of them. But the truth is: becoming a mom ain’t easy.

You may gain a lot of weight. You may get stretch marks on your belly, breasts, hips, legs. You may lose your waist. You may get back problems. Your sciatica may get painful during and after pregnancy. You may suffer to breastfeed and have cracked nipples. Or engorged breasts. Mastitis. Inverted nipples. Or not have enough milk.

You may go through the baby blues. You may be sleep deprived for a couple of days, weeks or for some of us – for months. Then when baby finally can sleep more uninterrupted time, you may have insomnia. You may have postpartum depression (which is a biological risk and really possible in this scenario). You may feel cranky. Inexplicably exhaustion. Fatigue. No energy at all. Continue reading “You may never be yourself again”