Stressed, Depressed, but well dressed

When you hear or read “Stressed, Depressed, but well dressed” it can sound so superficial or futile. But it’s not about that.

Everyone has bad days. And it sometimes affects the way we look. So, when I’m feeling stressed and depressed, then I look in the mirror and can’t recognize myself, it just makes everything worse.

That’s why I like to follow this “rule”. Even if I am stressed, depressed, bored, or anything, I do something for myself. Something that make me feel more good-looking, alluring, or just me. Continue reading “Stressed, Depressed, but well dressed”


Is this your first baby?

When I was pregnant everyone kept asking: “Is this your first?”. And after I said yes, they would say “Awww”. I thought that meant “how cute!”. But now I know. It actually meant “Poor girl, doesn’t know half of what it’s coming”. And that was true.

I know every mom, baby and pregnancy are different. But there is no possible way to be ready. The first days, weeks and months were insanely hard for me. I even kept asking my self: why people do it again after the first? Now – 9 months later – I look clear to the past and I would do it all over and over again. But still, it was tough!

I was ready for hard days. But the things that I thought would be hard weren’t so much. And I was surprised by things I wasn’t expecting to be hard. And at the same time, the love I thought I would feel when I look at him for the first time wasn’t like an explosion. It was like a seed that started growing exponentially. And it just doesn’t stop, even though I feel like it’s impossible to grow more.

Post partum body – 7 weeks

What is this kind of money belt hanging out on me?? Oh, it’s my old belly. What is this white and red code drawn on it? Oh, they’re my sweet stretch marks. Omg, how I hate you!

I took the advice from a friend who had a baby just a couple of months before me: “Don’t look at the mirror!“. It’s just not worthy. So I didn’t. For the first days. But I could feel it was weird. First we are kind of numb down there. Peeing is kind of strange. Poop is something that you will not do for a couple of days. And when you do, it will not be easy. I cried the same amount as I cried during my pushing time when I was trying the vaginal delivery.

After a few days, I finally felt the belly has shrunk. But not everything. 7 weeks later I still have this money belt hanging out. Smaller, but I do. No, nursing did not make me go back to my body. I lost almost half of the weight I gained. But I’m still bigger than I was and none of my pre pregnancy clothes fit me. Continue reading “Post partum body – 7 weeks”

Postpartum feelings – Day 1

I never felt so exhausted in my whole life. After a long try of a vaginal delivery, I had a unplanned C-section. I wanted to be all day holding and looking at my baby, but I just couldn’t even keep my eyes open or even my head upright. But I had to.

The biggest feeling that I had right after delivery – actually during the C-section – was frustration. I did not prepare me psychologically for a unplanned C-section. And after feeling contractions for hours, the pressure to push – which also, for me, hurts real bad, and push for 3 hours, it just didn’t make sense.

When they got the baby out, I was relieved. I thought I wasn’t gonna feel happy. I was feeling outside me, so weird and shaking so much because of the anesthesia. But when they brought him to see me before go to the CICU, so tiny, I’m sure he recognized me. I found happiness on that little thing. He curved his head towards me and touched my face. It melted my heart and made me have the amount of fuel that I needed to go through the rest of the day. Continue reading “Postpartum feelings – Day 1”

My dear baby bump

I know some women don’t like to be pregnant. Of course, there is a lot of odds. Specially on the end. I had bad backaches, leg cramps, stretch marks, fadigue. And got really big! But now, 7 weeks after baby, I’m already missing my pregnant belly. You know why? Because, when you’re pregnant, it’s all about you.

People stop you to ask your due date. They bring you food. They say you need to rest. They do certain things for you like carrying shopping bags. They say you look good. And actually, at some point before the end, we do look good! The second trimester bring us some energy and a good looking appearance. My hair and my finger nails were nicer. And that cute round belly showing up was fun!! You get spoiled, and you get used to it. Continue reading “My dear baby bump”

Baby Blues

I heard about the baby blues. But I did not believe in it. I mean, I knew I already love this baby even before he was born, why would I feel sad or whatever when he arrives? Sensitive maybe. But sad, alone, depressed, regret?

I thought it just happens when people has a totally unplanned pregnancy or nobody to help or something like that. But it’s not just about the circumstances of your life – it can probably make everything worse. BUT the hormones change everything, of course. You have been feeling it during the pregnancy. Then there is the sleepless. OMG, how I miss a 3 hour sleep. No sleeping makes everything harder. However, what scared me the most was the responsibility that now I carry for the rest of my life. It will look like a burden. Continue reading “Baby Blues”

I don’t have Style

– I don’t have Style – I’ve heard this sentence a hundred times from friends and clients. It sounds for me so wrong as if you say to an anthropologist that someone does not have culture (because once you live in a society, you have it). I don’t have Fashion Sense, they also say, and it depends on the point of view.

Even if you don’t have a permanent way of dressing yourself; you feel like you change it everyday; and you don’t really think while you are choosing your outfit of the day, you just choose aleatory garments that in your judgment go nice together or just are comfy for that day, it’s ok. It means, being flexible – or not caring at all about fashion, is a characteristic of your personality, as well as your style. Continue reading “I don’t have Style”

Fashion as art

People can think about fashion as a boring way to standardize everyone. And it can be, if people just follow trends or brands that are on top at the moment without think about themselves. What they like, what good look on them, what matches their lifestyle. Whatever. Fashion is suppose to be a statement.

It’s about being creative. Since the designers who create new trends to the the ordinary people who decides how to wear it or not. It’s like a game about mixing it all. And sometimes in a paradoxical way. Putting on that formal fabric in a casual outfit. A modern garment with a vintage one.

The “artists” who create fashion can also be inspired by the ordinary people, the street style and sometimes by art. They bring back something that was considered “over” to be used again in a cool way. They make unlikely combinations. In each period of the history there are different statements being made. Each brand has something to say. And each person has free will.

That’s what makes fashion create value. It’s about identification. You can recognize cultural values in fast fashions, designer showrooms and thrift stores. And you can also use all of them together – what we call high-low style.. The it bag with an old t-shirt. The expensive shoe with that sale denim. Gold, silver and cheap jewelry. A top brand lipstick with the mascara from the pharmacy. The last season dress with the must have shoe of the moment. That handmade sweater with the designer jacket. Antagonistic combinations that reveal personality and style!

Fashion goes beyond tags, fabrics and the way it’s made. You can see what a garment says about that period of time, about who wears it. It creates exclusivity, status, identity and statements. Fashion is present in our day-to-day life.

Democratic Fashion

One of the coolest facts about fashion in these days is that’s more democratic than ever. It means you don’t need to pay tons of money to look good. It’s not a privilege of the “nobles” anymore. You just need to know yourself, what looks better in your body type, your lifestyle, which includes the places you go and what you most like, the colors that flatter you, and them, mix it all creating your own personal style.

Your style doesn’t need to be a completely original thing. Though it’s far from being a copy. You can be inspired by different styles, people and time. You can have a little bit of romantic and dramatic. You can have a celebrity or a friend as a model, or more than one. And it’s always allowed to find a new use for a garment from last season or, why not, from last century. And then, again, mix it all creating your own personal style.

Besides that, style is not immutable. After all, we’re always changing, evolving and learning new things about the world and ourselves. No one needs to stick to a “style” forever.  And that’s another reason that makes fashion so democratic: you’re free to create and recreate yourself, and your personal style, everyday over and over again.

Fashion and Image Consulting also have a lot of rules that can help you to find what makes you look your best. But I like to call them advices because although it is good to know them, you decide to follow them completely or not. Again, you’re free to mix it all creating your own personal style.

So, at the end, your style it’s about what makes you feel the best of yourself. Not about the trends, which is fine to include if you really like them. Not about standing out. Not about showing off or boasting. Not about trying to be someone other than you. It’s a way of communicating who you are (And you can be a different you in each context of your life).