I don’t have Style

– I don’t have Style – I’ve heard this sentence a hundred times from friends and clients. It sounds for me so wrong as if you say to an anthropologist that someone does not have culture (because once you live in a society, you have it). I don’t have Fashion Sense, they also say, and it depends on the point of view.

Even if you don’t have a permanent way of dressing yourself; you feel like you change it everyday; and you don’t really think while you are choosing your outfit of the day, you just choose aleatory garments that in your judgment go nice together or just are comfy for that day, it’s ok. It means, being flexible – or not caring at all about fashion, is a characteristic of your personality, as well as your style. Continue reading “I don’t have Style”


Democratic Fashion

One of the coolest facts about fashion in these days is that’s more democratic than ever. It means you don’t need to pay tons of money to look good. It’s not a privilege of the “nobles” anymore. You just need to know yourself, what looks better in your body type, your lifestyle, which includes the places you go and what you most like, the colors that flatter you, and them, mix it all creating your own personal style.

Your style doesn’t need to be a completely original thing. Though it’s far from being a copy. You can be inspired by different styles, people and time. You can have a little bit of romantic and dramatic. You can have a celebrity or a friend as a model, or more than one. And it’s always allowed to find a new use for a garment from last season or, why not, from last century. And then, again, mix it all creating your own personal style.

Besides that, style is not immutable. After all, we’re always changing, evolving and learning new things about the world and ourselves. No one needs to stick to a “style” forever.  And that’s another reason that makes fashion so democratic: you’re free to create and recreate yourself, and your personal style, everyday over and over again.

Fashion and Image Consulting also have a lot of rules that can help you to find what makes you look your best. But I like to call them advices because although it is good to know them, you decide to follow them completely or not. Again, you’re free to mix it all creating your own personal style.

So, at the end, your style it’s about what makes you feel the best of yourself. Not about the trends, which is fine to include if you really like them. Not about standing out. Not about showing off or boasting. Not about trying to be someone other than you. It’s a way of communicating who you are (And you can be a different you in each context of your life).