Flowy dress plus denim jacket

What I love about Fashion is FREEDOM. There is always someone asking “can I use this with that?”, but there is no CAN’T in Fashion. Probably there is some inadequate outfits for certain occasions and more flattering options depending on your body type. Besides that, there is no forbiddance.

In fact, one of my favorites combinations are the ones that go in different directions. Like this cute and flowy dress. A delicate print in shades of pink and blue. Small accessories. Going in a chic direction. Then I add the denim jacket bringing to the outfit a sporty and casual touch which I love!

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Why I love shirt dresses

I love how versatile, convenient and stylish shirt dresses are. Versatile because you can use it buttoned, unbuttoned like a kimono or cover up or even buttoned all the way up. Convenient because it’s easy to put it on and it’s a one piece outfit. And stylish depends on your creativity.  This Free People one is so cute and comfy and it just looks awesome with these tights and booties, doesn’t it?

And for all breastfeeding mamas right there, this kind of shirt dress is also a great alternative in nursing clothes – I love when we can wear something that we feel more like a woman not only a mom (this is a topic for another post).


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Boho third piece

I always say how much I like to add a third piece to my outfits. That’s why I love spring and fall. Summer is too hot for that. And winter is too cold that we end up covering our third pieces with a forth one.

For this outfit, I chose a Free People boho kimono with fluttering sleeves. The colors are discreet but the details make the garment not so basic. It certainly add more style to any outfit.


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