Stressed, Depressed, but well dressed

When you hear or read “Stressed, Depressed, but well dressed” it can sound so superficial or futile. But it’s not about that.

Everyone has bad days. And it sometimes affects the way we look. So, when I’m feeling stressed and depressed, then I look in the mirror and can’t recognize myself, it just makes everything worse.

That’s why I like to follow this “rule”. Even if I am stressed, depressed, bored, or anything, I do something for myself. Something that make me feel more good-looking, alluring, or just me. Continue reading “Stressed, Depressed, but well dressed”


I don’t have Style

– I don’t have Style – I’ve heard this sentence a hundred times from friends and clients. It sounds for me so wrong as if you say to an anthropologist that someone does not have culture (because once you live in a society, you have it). I don’t have Fashion Sense, they also say, and it depends on the point of view.

Even if you don’t have a permanent way of dressing yourself; you feel like you change it everyday; and you don’t really think while you are choosing your outfit of the day, you just choose aleatory garments that in your judgment go nice together or just are comfy for that day, it’s ok. It means, being flexible – or not caring at all about fashion, is a characteristic of your personality, as well as your style. Continue reading “I don’t have Style”